WP Housing can provide interim management and technical support for clients who need short term resources to cover design and construction project work, and also handling property maintenance of housing stock.

Our interims are typically highly experienced professionals who possess specialist skills and knowledge in a particular area, such as project management, construction, engineering, or facilities management. They can bring this expertise to the project and help ensure that it is completed successfully and to a high standard.

The benefits of interim managers and technical support include:

  • Flexibility: Interims are often engaged on a short-term basis, making them a flexible resource for a project. They can be brought in at short notice to provide additional support, or their engagement can be extended or shortened depending on the needs of the project.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Engaging an interim can be a cost-effective solution, as it allows the client team to bring in specialist expertise only when it is needed, rather than hiring a full-time employee.
  • Objectivity: The interim can provide an objective perspective on a project, as they are not tied to the organisation or stakeholders involved. This can be particularly valuable during the design phase, where they can help ensure that the project is aligned with the client’s goals and objectives.
  • Efficiency: Employing an interim can help ensure that the project is completed efficiently and on time, as they can provide additional support to the client team and help identify and address any issues or challenges that arise.
  • Risk management: Commercial interims can help manage risks associated with a project by ensuring that appropriate processes and procedures are in place and that risks are identified and managed effectively.

The role of an interim manager or technical support can bring a range of benefits to the design, construction, and maintenance phases of a building project, helping to ensure that the project is completed successfully and to a high standard, while minimizing risks and costs.




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