As an Employers Agent we represent the client, lead build contract negotiations, manage the project, administer the contract, monitor costs, quality and health and safety, and facilitate communication among the project team. The Employers Agent acts as the client’s representative and manages the project on their behalf.

Specifically, the Employers Agent duties that WP Housing provide may include:

  • Project management: Managing the day-to-day activities of the project, ensuring that it runs smoothly and according to schedule.
  • Technical due diligence: Assess proposals, delivery and viability to optimise value and manage risk. Informing investment, bids and acquisition.
  • Contracts – advise and negotiate contract terms to manage quality, delivery, cost and risk and prepare contracts.
  • Contract administration: Administering the construction contract on behalf of the client, including issuing instructions and managing payments.
  • Cost management: Being responsible for managing the project budget, including preparing cost plans and estimates, and monitoring costs throughout the project.
  • Quality control: Monitoring the quality of the work being carried out by the contractor, ensuring that it meets the required standards.
  • Health and safety: Taking responsibility for ensuring that the construction site is safe for workers and visitors and that all health and safety regulations are being followed.
  • Communication: Acting as the liaison between the client, the contractor, and other members of the project team, ensuring that everyone is informed about the project’s progress and progressing any issues that arise.

The Employers Agent plays a crucial role in ensuring that the project is completed on time, within budget, and to the required quality standards.




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