Development Appraisals include a detailed financial assessments of a potential development project to determine its feasibility and profitability. It takes into account the costs of acquisition, construction, financing, and other expenses, as well as potential revenue from sales or rentals, to determine the project’s net present value and rate of return.

WP Housing carries out property development appraisal on behalf of developers and investors and our activities typically includes the following:

  • Market Analysis: A review of the local property market, including supply and demand trends, rental rates, property prices, and market growth prospects.
  • Site Analysis: An evaluation of the development site, including its location, size, topography, access, and zoning requirements.
  • Option creation and appraisal: Our creative and innovative thinking combined with our residential development experience enables us to generate a range of options to enhance value whilst achieving the client’s objectives, responding effectively to site constraints and considering risk.
  • Planning and Regulatory Requirements: An assessment of the planning and regulatory requirements that need to be met, including building codes, permits, and other approvals.
  • Development Costs: An estimation of the costs involved in developing the project, including construction costs, financing costs, legal fees, and other expenses.
  • Revenue Projections: A forecast of the potential revenue that the development will generate, including sales, leasing income, and other income streams.
  • Profitability Analysis: A calculation of the project’s expected return on investment (ROI), including the expected profit margin and the payback period.

By undertaking a property development appraisal, developers can determine the financial viability of a development project and assess whether it is worth investing in. It also helps them to identify potential risks and challenges that may impact the project’s profitability and to develop strategies to manage them.




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